Oregon Employment Dept Reports 1 in 7 Oregonians Lost Jobs

In new data released Thursday, April 16, the Oregon Employment Department stated that more than 300,000 Oregonians have been laid off with about 54,000 in the past week alone. That translates to roughly 1 in 7 Oregonians. 

From The Oregonian’s Mike Rogoway: “There is mounting evidence that the harsh measures Oregon took to contain the virus’ spread – shutting down bars, restaurants, shopping malls and large gatherings – has blunted the outbreak and sharply reduced the state’s health crisis.

The economic toll, though, has been tremendous. 

Workers’ plight has been exacerbated by the employment department’s claims system, which has been unable to manage the volume of filings or adapt to recent changes in the jobless benefit program. The systems date to the 1990s and the state has been slow to update the technology, despite having money on hand for an overhaul since 2009.” 

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