Oregon Democrats Back in Control of All 4 Partisan State Offices Elected by Statewide Vote

Three of the 4 partisan state offices elected by statewide votes in Oregon remain in the hands of women after the results of the November election – and all 4 seats are again held by Democrats. 

Secretary of State Ellen Rosenblum and Treasurer Tobias Read, both Democrats, both won-re-election on Tuesday.

State Sen. Shemia Fagan, also a Democrat, won election to the open seat as secretary of state over another state senator, Republican Kim Thatcher.

Fagan and Read also make up two-thirds of the state Land Board, along with Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, who is in her second term.

If you include the nonpartisan Labor Commissioner position held by Val Hoyle, then 4 of the 5 state offices decided by statewide votes are held by women. Hoyle is also a Democrat.

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